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The History of Tripe

The San Frediano quarter was known in all of Florence for its tripe processing. There were big buildings in via dell'Orto and in via di Camaldoli; hovels with huge wood-burning boiler rooms where tripe was thrown in to be boiled; after which it was hung in long rows, its wastes cleaned away, then reboiled, and it was ready.
The water the tripe was cooked in became the famous "tripe broth" of San Frediano. At 5.00 p.m., almost all the craftsmen, would send their apprentices with a flask to buy some.
They would remind their boys to have a scoop of the dripping fat added to the flask to add more flavour to the broth.
In everyone's workshop there was a soup plate, a spoon and a bundle with some salt and pepper. The bread was put in bits in the plate and with the broth a soup was made that they would eat in the afternoon as a snack or as a snack-dinner.


Women also used the tripe broth in their homes,
there were different variants and personalizations
of the recipes.
The elders would add a lot of pepper to their soup
to add even more flavour and also because it was thought it had particular rejuvenating properties, this was a joke among friends and apprentices.

Tripe and lampredotto then passed to tripe shops, which were very numerous during this period, and tripe stands. Nowadays, there are few street tripe stands
and they are scattered in the old town center, in their heyday they were numerous; a few can still be found in the outskirts.
This food was used in many ways and eaten in large quantities. The fastest way was, as it is today, to eat tripe and lambretto boiled, with just salt and pepper. In
homes tripe was cooked with tomato sauce, served cold with tomatoes, pickles, and potatoes.
This extensive use of tripe on by the people of San Frediano became a mockery.
When someone felt weak or arrived at work tired, they used to say "no wonder, you
only eat tripe broth!"


The history of tripe could end here, but in this day and age it wouldn't be enough.
Do not forget that the trip processing by our Bambi family dates back to the end of the nineteenth-century in the typical quarter of San Frediano, and from that time we have always worked for the consumer with seriousness and respect..

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